Terry Toomey Automotive Engineer
  Mobile: 0408 232 372

Please note: As from November 2011 The NSW Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has changed to the NSW Government Transport Roads and Maritime Services.

• Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS Licenced Certifier)
   to NSW Government Transport Roads & Maritime Services (formerly RTA)
• Engineers Certificate and Compliance Certificate Inspections
• Automotive & Transport Consultancy
• Legal - Expert witness reports & reviews
• Specialist in heavy truck & trailer modification consultancy/inspection
• Trailer Certification

Terry Operates in the Sydney Metropolitan Area based in Seven Hills NSW or NSW wide by Special Arrangement.

Information about motor vehicles

The following information could determine if you are a person who would benefit from our services.

• Persons wishing to modify their motor vehicle for road registered use
• Members of the public with automotive enquiries
• Motor Mechanics (professional/registered, backyard/hobby)
• Panel Beaters / Repairers (professional/registered, backyard/hobby)
• Motor body, truck body, motor home or coach builders
• Consultancy for registration and Australian Design Rules (ADR's)
• Persons wishing to fit additional seats/ seat belts
• Vehicle noise testing
• Certification of imported vehicles over 15 years old
• 4x4 Vehicle modifications / conversions
• Left to right hand drive / steer conversions
• Vintage, classic, hot rod or custom car/truck enthusiast
• Transport, hire car, taxi or fleet manager
• Inventers and manufacturers of aftermarket vehicle products
• Magazine publisher, editor, journalist and motor writer
• Vehicle safety and restraint enquiries
• Lawyers, police and insurance companies for dispute resolution
• Commercial vehicle enquiries and solutions
Please note: We do not consult on or certify Motor Cycles

If you have an enquiry regarding vehicle modifications contact Terry Toomey on:

Business Hours 9:30am - 4pm Mon -Thurs or on 0408 232372 After Hours.

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Telephone: Business Hours 9:30am - 4pm Monday - Thursday
or on 0408 232 372 After Hours.

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