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VSCCS Licenced Certifier

NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services

Please note: As from November 2011 The NSW Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has changed to the NSW Government Transport Roads and Maritime Services.

• Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS Licenced Certifier) to NSW Government Transport Roads & Maritime Services (formerly RTA)
• Engineers Certificate and Compliance Certificate Inspections
• Automotive & Transport Consultancy
• Legal - Expert witness reports & reviews
• Specialist in heavy truck & trailer modification consultancy
• Trailer Certification

Information about motor vehicles

The following information could determine if you are a person who would benefit from our services.

• Persons wishing to modify their motor vehicle for road registered use
• Members of the public with automotive enquiries
• Motor Mechanics (professional/registered, backyard/hobby)
• Panel Beaters / Repairers (professional/registered, backyard/hobby)
• Motor body, truck body, motor home or coach builders
• Consultancy for registration and Australian Design Rules (ADR's)
• Persons wishing to fit additional seats/ seat belts
• Vehicle noise testing
• Certification of imported vehicles over 15 years old
• 4x4 Vehicle modifications
• Left to right hand drive / steer conversions
• Vintage, classic, hot rod or custom car/truck enthusiast
• Transport, hire car, taxi or fleet manager
• Inventers and manufacturers of aftermarket vehicle products
• Magazine publisher, editor, journalist and motor writer
• Vehicle safety and restraint enquiries
• Lawyers, police and insurance companies for dispute resolution
• Commercial vehicle enquiries and solutions
• Please note: We do not consult on or certify Motor Cycles

If you have an enquiry regarding vehicle modifications:

• You can telephone Terry Toomey on (02) 9674 4003 or
• Complete the appointment availability form. clicking here

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Telephone: (02) 9674 4003

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